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There are a thousand different types of jet skis for sale. The Trick to finding the perfect jet ski for sale is knowing exactly what you are looking for in your own personal water craft. Riding a jet ski is the perfect way to pass the hours in those long summer days. The jet ski has been around for over thirty years and have come along way in design,comfort and manueverability. A few of the top manufactures of jet skis are Yamaha,Kawasaki, and Sea-Doo.

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You can usually find one of thier older model jet skis for sale at a very cheap price. Buying used is great if you are only going to use your jet ski ocassionally. If you plan to ride your jet ski more frequently it is to look at a new jet ski for sale. It is less like to need repair and should remain in good shape for a long time.

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If you find a used jet ski for sale that seems like a great price don't just buy it without checking the jet ski first. Any person that buys a used jet ski should have a checklist of questions they ask before actually purchasing it. First you need to find out how many hours are on the engine more than fifty hours is consider an extremely large amount of time for a jet ski engine. Second check the entire jet ski for damage even if they have shown you pictures there may still be damage they are not telling you about. Third if you are not sure about the mechanical issues a jet ski can have bring along a person that can help you decide if the jet ski for sale is a good deal or just a piece of junk. Most used jet skis will require some type of repair or maintence. Often this can cost you more than just buying a brand new jet ski.

When you are looking for a new jet ski for sale it is important to know what exactly you are looking for in a jet ski. How many people are going to use the jet ski and will it be at the same time? Do you need a place to store food? Do you want a stand up or a sit down jet ski? It is important to know the answers to these questions in order to find the perfect jet ski for your needs. Most new jet skis for sale now have quiter more evironmetally safe engines than an older jet ski. If you are interested in helping the environment than you should look for a newer model juet ski for sale.

The Jet Ski

Many people think the term “JETSKI” is a reference to any type of personal watercraft that has pivoting handle poles. In actuality, JetSki is the brand name of a personal watercraft manufacturer by the name of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Clayton Jacobsen II invented the jetski in 1973 and Kawasaki was the first company to commercially manufacture and sell jet ski’s. From there, a sport began.

The very first jetski model allowed for just one person to stand up and maneuver a small boat. Kawasaki quickly expanded this concept by introducing a two person model with a lean in style handling. Later they came out with a two passenger sit down model. Naturally there were other companies who saw this as an opportunity. Companies like Sea Doo, Polaris, Yamaha and Bombardier were quick to jump on the jetskiband wagon, designing and manufacturing their own brands of jet ski’s. And so the term “jetski” stuck and now most people use it as a generic term to refer to any manufacturer’s watercraft vehicle of this type.

Over the past thirty years or so this market has seen an evolution in jetski design. In today’s market jet ski’s can hold up to three people and tow a water skier at the same time. Jet skis can now reach speeds of 60+ miles per hour. Not only that, but they have widely improved mobility. The newest breed of jetski's are much more advanced than ever before, with horse power that exceeds 210hp. With jet skis now being manufactured by Kawasaki, Yamaha, Sea Doo and Honda, the selection is varied. Although this makes for great competition among these manufacturers, it makes it harder for the public to make comparisons and decisions as to which jet ski is best. Luckily for the public there are not more manufacturers. Fortunately for the public there is the internet. Without much trouble they can find the information they need there.

So now that you have a better idea of who the manufacturers are and what changes there have been in this market, check out the various pages of information on the internet on the subject of a jetski and see if you can find the one that is right for you. Good Luck, be safe and have fun!